Friday, October 02, 2015

Rant: Bullies are effin' Cowards (Not for the faint of heart!)

One of the things that really fires me up is people who think it's a game to completely destroy someone's self-esteem. They pick and needle that person to the brink and then some. 

That person you are picking on doesn't want to live anymore, puts on a smiling facade to hide their pain, resorts to self-harm to deal with their feelings, and they are cloaked in a depression so dark and deep that they cannot see how beautiful and loved they are.

You are an effin BULLY!

You laugh at their pain with your friends. You are NOT cool. You are a COWARD! That person you are taunting and torturing is a REAL person, with real feelings. This is not a game. This is someone's LIFE you are messing with!!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me....

BULLSHIT! Words do hurt. They hurt far more than you know. 

Why does this anger me so? Someone very close to me deals with this issue and it KILLS me! There is nothing I can do to ease their pain. No matter how much I try to build this person up, they cannot believe it. Every day I am terrified that this will be the day that they reach the end of their rope and say goodbye for eternity. 

To anyone dealing with these cowards - at school, online, in the work place, or at home....

~ Don't try to deal with this alone! Report it to a teacher, supervisor,  or law enforcement!

~ Reach out to others who will love and support you. 

~ Know that you are loved. You are important and WORTHY

~ Do whatever you need to do to rebuild your self-esteem: counseling and/or medicine for depression. There is no shame in asking for & needing help. That's what these services are there for.

~  Believe that you CAN overcome this and be happy again!

People are losing their lives over being bullied and losing hope. Bullies can be male or female. If you see someone being bullied, step in or report it. Otherwise, you are just an accomplice. 

This has got to stop, people!

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Theresa F said...

Amen!! I will be praying for the person you know going through this. My daughter's friend committed suicide at 15, 2 years ago. She dealt with online bullying which, combined with a dysfunctional upbringing proved too much for her.People sit behind their computer screens typing things they would never have the courage to say in person. COWARDS!!!!

Great post.

Mr. Hendrix said...

I will add your friend to my prayer list. May I suggest anything by Wayne Dyer for this person? Especially Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. Also, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. These were life changing for me and my low self esteem and self abuse. Perhaps they can help your friend boost their light so the darkness won't be able to even make a shadow.

Amy C (aka Mr. Hendrix)