Thursday, October 08, 2015

6 Areas to Simplify Life

We all have goals we want to achieve in life. Some of us dream of living a big life filled with riches, travel and luxury. But there are others who dream of a SIMPLE life.

Simplicity means a thing that is plain, natural or easy to understand. I believe there is much more to it than that. 

Simple living can mean many things and each person's definition will vary according to their personal desires and goals in life. It is not a one size fits all approach to life, but it can encompass all who wish to simplify their busy lifestyle and are willing to create a life that speaks to them.

For me, simple living means savoring life. It means keeping my possessions few so I have more time and money for the things that matter. It means having the goal of achieving debt-freedom and becoming financially independent. I want to live life on my own terms, not by the time-clock.

Simple living means a life of joy and appreciating life's simple pleasures - a rose in bloom, a walk on the beach, the ability to take a nap in the middle of the day, or a good cup of hot cocoa.

The simple life may not be your cup of tea, but I believe anyone can benefit from greater simplicity in their life.

In my book, Live Your Best Life Now: 6 Ways to Simplify Your Life, I explore the areas in which you can streamline and simplify. Areas that usually cause the most stress in a woman's life. It contains practical ideas and action-oriented challenges so that you can begin living your best life now!

Tracy Lee xx 

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