Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Simple, Stylish Autumn Wardrobe

Autumn has arrived according to the calendar, but we still have warm days and nights. However this is a distinct change in the air. It has not been quite as humid. It won't be long before the autumn winds turn cooler.

Of course, we want to look stylish as the weather turns cooler and also stay warm. I'm learning that it doesn't take much to create a nice wardrobe. I am a jeans girl - you may not be, but jeans are a staple item in my wardrobe. 

I need a few long sleeve tees in neutral colors, a few cardigans in the colors that look best on me and some new accessories (statement necklaces or scarves, bracelets, belts). Put those elements all together and I have the making of a simple, yet stylish look for autumn. A look that can be dressed or down, as seen in the collage below:

It is very rare that I need to go to a dressy function, so the majority of my wardrobe is casual and comfortable. I do not believe that style should be painful or uncomfortable. Quite the opposite!

You should pretty and stylish every day. And you can with a simple curated wardrobe specifically put together for you. 

What, if any, changes are you making to your wardrobe this season?

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