Friday, September 25, 2015

Remove the Mask

When I was young I had BIG dreams and was going to set the world on fire! Over time, life takes unexpected twists and turns, then reality begins to set in.

Before I knew it I was turning 41 and realized that I was no where near where I wanted to be. I am tired of trying to be the good girl who does and says all the right things. It is time to take ownership of where I am and start making my own rules. Because trying to emulate others never works! 

I never was one to fit in a neat little box. I am a woman. I am complicated and complex. There are many facets to who I am. So why have I spent a lifetime trying to fit into a box that limited me and bored me to tears?

Because that's what I thought I had to do to be SUCCESSFUL. If that's what it takes, then I don't want it! I live in the USA - the land of the free and home of the brave. But I felt neither free nor brave. I felt like a fraud.

But no more!

It is time to live my best life NOW - because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. 

I'm not going to spend one more day not being REAL, and you shouldn't either. The mask has been removed and it feels LIBERATING. Won't you join me?

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Regena Fickes said...

I wholeheartedly agree. I was in my 40's when I decided I needed to spend more time finding who I really was thru the Lord Jesus. I am such a different person than I thought I was. I am now 67 ane still finding out who I am. This is true Women's Liberation! We are not meant to be identical, each is unique!

Fiona Ferris said...

I'm loving your new posts Tracy, they have such a sparky energy! This post has such a great message - it feels so freeing just to BE WHO YOU ARE. And fun too!

Tracy Lee said...

Thank you, Regena & Fiona!