Friday, September 18, 2015

Money-Fest Day 5: Change Your Money Mindset

Do not underestimate the power of your thoughts. Whatever you think you can do, you can. But it also works on the negative flip side....whatever you think you cannot do, you cannot.

When facing money struggles it is imperative to stay positive. I know that is easier said than done, but try we must! 

Yesterday I was feeling a bit stir crazy and down, so the girls and I took off for the beach to walk along its sandy shores. It was just what I needed!

~ Put aside your worry and do whatever you can to feel better now and uplift your spirit. Maybe you, too, need a change of scenery? Maybe a nap is what is needed or listening to your favorite CD? Perhaps you'd just like to sit a spell and read from a good book?

~ Whatever you love to do, try to make time to do that thing regularly....daily even.

~ Instead of thinking of all you are missing out on, try writing down a list of everything you are thankful for. Try to reach 100. 

~ Take care of what you do have. Why would anyone give you more when if you don't take care of what you already have? 

~ Show yourself a little TLC. Start using that fancy perfume your husband gave you last Christmas. Paint your nails. Take a bubble bath. Take more time with your appearance. Don't walk around like a woe-is-me martyr.

~ Whatever challenges you are dealing with, face it head on. Come up with a plan. Take on some side hustles to bring in extra money. Sell things on Craigslist. Have a yard sale. Clean houses. Just do something!

~ Have fun with your family. You are all in this together. Don't be so serious and walk around with a furrowed brow all the time. Find things you can do together that are enjoyable and free. A family game night with homemade pizza and snacks. Movie night with popcorn. Explore the outdoors. Go to different parks in neighboring towns. Talk to them and love on them.

Times are tough for many, but there is always someone who is in a far worse predicament than you. Like attracts like. When you put out positive, you get positive in return. So don't give up. It is always the darkest just before dawn.

Y'all know I'm preaching to myself as much as I am to you! :) 

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