Monday, August 10, 2015

Vintage Reading List

I love reading old fashioned books. They are full of cozy home descriptions and charm. What better way to indulge in my love for vintage books than by going through my library's website and picking my choices via inter-library loan. Here are the books I chose: 

The Invisible Intruder (Nancy Drew) - Carolyn Keene (1969)

Cherry Ames: Student Nurse - Helen Wells (1943) 

Stillmeadow Daybook - Gladys Taber (1983)

Homing (1981) and Where Two Ways Met (1943) both by Grace Livingston Hill

Class Ring - Rosamunde Du Jardin (1951)

If you are a book lover as I am, check out the Series Books for Girls and Cozy Mystery List websites!

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Karla Neese said...

What an awesome list! I love books like these too. I had started a Nancy Drew collection a few years ago and has all but a few of the books. In a fit of decluttering, I decided they really weren't a priority so I donated them. I miss them but still know it was the right thing to do.

I haven't read a Cherry Ames book in years! I'll have to try my library.

Theresa F said...

I had a huge collection of hardcover Nancy Drew books that I saved for my daughter. She is 17 now and never bothered with them so off to the thrift store they went. Tried giving them away free but had no takers. I am 40 and still enjoy reading them :). Agatha Christie is my fave. I have all her books and have no intention of ever parting with them. No author compares to her.

Fiona Ferris said...

I love the cosy feeling of reading vintage books like this. I've read one Grace Livingston Hill and really enjoyed it.

Tracy Lee said...

Karla, this will be my first Cherry Ames read. :)

Fiona, do you remember which title you read? My grandmother introduced me to GLH as a teen with The Enchanted Barn.

Theresa - I have never read Agatha Christie. Which is your favorite?