Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To Work Or Not To Work?

I had been debating with myself about whether to return to the work force in an effort to get out of debt quicker. Finally I asked Alfred about it and he wasn't crazy about the idea. I never was to begin with...

So I am staying home - gladly! I am going to work my hardest stretching Alfred's paycheck as far as I can in order to get the most out of our money. 

I can do that far easier if I am at home and have the time and energy to devote to frugality. 

I am also beginning to list things online that I want to sell. Clear clutter and bring in extra money to boot!

I will continue to write e-books to sell on Amazon also. That brings in a little income for me each month. Every little bit helps, I say!

Have you found any ways to earn money from home? Please do share...

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Rhonda said...

I was never good at earning money but when push comes to shove, I can stretch a dollar as far as it will go!

Best wishes to you Tracy.

Tracy Lee said...

Exactly, Rhonda! That is what I am wanting to get back to! When I went to work it really killed my homemaking spirit and the grace and joy that comes with it.

Debra said...

Good for you, Tracy! I tell everyone that my job is to stay home and save us money. :) I'm so happy that you're able to do that, also, at this time in your life. Isn't being creative at home the best? Blessings, Debra