Friday, May 01, 2015

Quick Cleaning

The weather is gorgeous here in south Alabama! I have the windows open. The sun is shining and there is low humidity. It makes me want to clean like crazy and do some serious yard work!

Alas, I'm still not 100% so I'm having to go slow and take it easy so as not to throw my back and neck out of alignment again. 

Believe it or not, it looks like a bomb has gone off in my house. So that is what I will work on today. It is amazing how fast things can spiral out of control when you don't (or can't) stay on top of things.

It happens to everyone at some point. Life happens. But you just have to jump back in there and knock it out. Try not to get discouraged.

I like to clean to music and light a few candles as I clean areas. I also like to use products that smell nice just because they make me happy.

I start in the living room in case company comes by. Then I have one area that's fresh and tidy. Quickly dust, fluff cushions, fold blankets, gather any trash or dishes, and do a quick sweep or vacuum.

Next, I clean the bathroom that guests use. Spray cleaners in the tub, sink and toilet. Remove everything off the counters and start wiping it down. Clean the sink, then tub, and finally the toilet. Clean mirrors and empty trash can. Sweep and mop floor.

Then, I move to the dining room because that's where we usually entertain guests. Clear off the table and microwave stand. Vacuum. Done.

Onward, to the kitchen. Get rid of any trash or food scraps. Wash dishes. Put way anything not needed on counters. Wipe down counters and appliances. Take out trash. Sweep and mop.

Next, I'd tackle the office. Papers are everywhere! I sort through them real fast. File way the ones we need to keep and trash the rest. Dust the desk and tidy things up before vacuuming.

Now, I'll tackle the bedroom. Make the bed. Put way any clean clothes laying about; dirty clothes go in the hamper. Quickly dust and tidy flat surfaces and vacuum.

Lastly, I'll vacuum the sun room because there is not much in there besides the pool table and my husband's Army gear!

This is by no means a deep clean. It's just a quick run through to get my home looking presentable. It's clean enough. 

What are your biggest challenges in homemaking?


Fiona said...

This is a very motivating post Tracy, you must have felt very satisfied at the end of the day. Getting started is my biggest challenge. Procrastination! I like your idea of doing things quickly, and starting from the area a guest would see first.

Scrappy quilter said...

The biggest challenge I have is the smallness of my home. There isn't many areas to store things so my quilting table sits in my living room. It's okay though I've learnt to live with it and am content. I love how you do your cleaning.

mabeane said...

Yikes. That quick clean is a lot of work. I do try to keep things picked up but have such limited energy. My husband is pitching in a lot more and for that I am thankful. We do not have many guests just drop in so that helps too.
I did, however, feel exhausted just reading what you do!

Mimi Mama said...

Tracy,I've popped over to thankyou for becoming a new follower of my blog A Tray of Bliss, and to follow yours in return. It seems we think a like on many things, and on this post, I'm with you wholeheartedly. Cleaning house can be such a thankless task, so why not put on the music, the candles, and clean with products that smell gorgeous! Mimi xxx

Mrs. Miano said...

Biggest challenge?? Hmmmmm just stuff. With 6 of us stuff just always finds it's way in...especially paper work type things , mainly from school!! The other challenge involves the other people I live with (LOL) they like to leave their things out and plop items where ever. They keep telling me that one day I'll miss all the kids stuff...I'm not buying it!! I may miss my kids - so I'll just visit them when I do...but the stuff?? Nope not gonna miss it at all :)