Tuesday, May 12, 2015

For the Love of Music

Growing up, Mama always had music playing. Early on, she passed her love of music on to me. I loved the melodies and harmonies that came through the air waves to the radio. Music was magical.

I never learned to play an instrument, but I sang. I've always been drawn to music that moves me. The artist's passion shows itself through his or her music. A skillful guitar lick can touch the heart as much as a soulful voice. 

Music can evoke strong emotions. It can make you recall places, people and memories. It can soothe you and uplift you. It can even boost your energy. 

You do not need to know anything at all about music to understand it. Just listen and see what feeling arises. I enjoy many genres, but my favorite music to listen to is from the mid 70s through the 80s. I call it the soundtrack of my childhood! :)

There are few things I need in life, but music is one of them. A life without music is unimaginable. There is no cost to enjoy music and who knows....maybe one of these days I'll learn to play guitar after all!

What is your favorite music genre? Do you have a favorite artist or song? Please share in the comments!


Scrappy quilter said...

I too love music although I can't sing nor play an instrument. I would have to say music by Hillsong has got to be my favorite right now however that often changes. I could listen to their music all day long and never grow tired of it.

Kathy Richter said...

I agree. Music makes me happy!