Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring Fever

Yesterday I was bitten by Spring fever. We had low humidity and it was a beautiful, sunny day after having 8 days of scattered rain showers. Off I went to Lowe's to buy impatiens, marigolds, and caladiums to go into the flower pots on my front porch.

Today looks to be the same, so I want to get as much yard work done as I can before the rain returns tomorrow. I have all kinds of ideas and projects I want to start checking off my list. 

I have been enjoying the little indigo buntings visiting the yard. They are so bright and pretty!  I really need to get a few birdhouses and feeders for my feathered friends. I do so love to listen to their birdsong and watch them.

How is the weather where you live? What are you growing? Do you have a favorite bird?

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Laurie said...

Hi Tracy,
The weather has been lovely! I don't mind weeding and planting flowers, it's the raking of all those Live Oaks that I don't like. I think the little sparrow has always been my favorite.