Thursday, April 23, 2015


While I had plans to work in the yard today, I ended up getting sidetracked and started giving the sun room a good cleaning and purging. It's amazing how I continue to get rid of stuff! 

How much more is there?

Decluttering is a lot like peeling an onion. You do it in layers.

When you first begin to declutter, you are not yet ready to get rid of everything. You let go of some things, but it's really not enough. Soon, you are bringing more things into the house and the space you had created is filled back up.

It becomes a cycle. 

Finally, one day, you will get to the point where you are ready to gain control of your life and tackle the chaos. You mean business this time!

You declutter and it feels wonderful! You feel like you can breathe a little easier. You are loving the newly created space in your home. 

With each pass through your home, you become a little more ruthless in clutter-clearing. Your husband and children start worrying that nothing will be left! 

Clear the clutter anyway!

For the record, I do not throw out my family's things! I encourage them to go through their own things and get rid of anything they don't like, use, or need. If it's broken or doesn't fit, it must go.

After a while, do not be surprised if you're desire to buy things is greatly diminished, if not eliminated. I no longer buy wants because I know in a few months it'll end up in the donation pile. I would much rather spend my money on items I need that are also useful and beautiful. 

Now I, by no means, have it all together! I still have clutter I am clearing, but life is getting easier. I am loving the simplicity and that makes me very happy!

Is clearing clutter a challenge for you?


christina neumann said...

I've just done another round of decluttering too. You're right each time it is a little different. I do get rid of others stuff occasionally. For instance, my husband's old massage sheets and towels. ( he hasn't done a massage in 15 years)!!! Gone. Of course I told him before I took them . Next I need to claw him away from his old massage table. Also my 20 year old sons stuff that I warn, do something with ( Christmas decorations still up in his part of the barn).. Mostly gone. So I'm pretty ruthless with stuff.

Scrappy quilter said...

I'm like you I do not get rid of things that belong to DH or our daughter. I am almost to the place where there isn't much more to get rid of. Hopefully I can keep it that way.

Fiona said...

Every so often if I come across something of my husband's that I don't think he'll use again I'll say 'do you want that?' Mostly the answer is 'I didn't even know I still had it, so no' and I can put it in the donation box. I love decluttering, it feels so good.