Thursday, April 16, 2015

Classic Casual Style

At last, I have determined what my personal style is: Classic Casual.

I am definitely a casual dresser. I like clean lines and styles. While I don't mind feminine touches, I do not want my clothing to be overly frilly.

I do not work outside the home, so I have no need of a fancy wardrobe for the "office". 

I tend to stay away from dresses and skirts. I'm most comfortable in jeans/slacks, capris and shorts.

A celebrity whose style I admire: Jennifer Aniston

She always looks effortlessly chic and owns her style. She is an Icon in here own right.

What is your personal style? If you have trouble determining your style, may I offer a few suggestions?

Know who you are. 
Know what you like.
Discover what styles look best on you.
Dress in your size. Don't try to squeeze into a smaller size!
Know what colors look best on you. 
Dress for your lifestyle. No need for ball gowns if you're a homemaker...

When you finally define what your personal sense of style is you will feel at home and comfortable with your look. Then you, too, will be fashionable and effortlessly chic.

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