Thursday, March 26, 2015

How To Avoid Looking Poor

Although many people are struggling these days to make ends meet, there is no excuse for looking dirt poor. Society has taken casual dress to a whole new level called slobby. 

Like it or not, first impressions do make a difference and we are judged by our appearance. People used to dress up to go to town. Now it is common to see people walking around in pajamas in stores. I find this trend very disturbing. 

(Pic: Her Campus)

~ Always strive to look fresh and pretty. Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance and you don't have to spend a fortune to look presentable. Soap and water are cheap. Try generics for your personal hygiene needs. I have even found some makeup that I liked for $1. Keep makeup simple. The no makeup look is always in style. 

~ Upscale clothing may not be in your budget. It's not in mine! However, you can still look neat and chic. Keep your shoes and clothing in good condition and learn the art of accessorizing. There are bargains to be found at thrift/discount stores and consignment shops. It makes me never want to pay retail prices again! 

~ Take pride in your home, however humble it may be. Clean and tidy is always in style. Be creative and resourceful with your decorating. Pinterest (and the internet in general) are a godsend with how-tos and frugal ideas galore!

 (Pic: Pinterest)

~ Find inexpensive ways to create curb appeal. Buy seed packets of perennials at the dollar store to create a little flower garden or plant in pots. Paint your front door. Keep the lawn mowed and bushes trimmed. Don't allow junk to accumulate around the home exterior. 


~ You can eat well on a budget by cooking from scratch and buying fruits and veggies in season. If you miss your favorite restaurant foods, make them at home yourself by googling the dish and restaurant to find a recipe. Try All Free Copycat Recipes.

~ Keep your vehicle clean, inside and out. Whether it's a newer model or a reliable "clunker" that gets you from point A to B, you'll feel better driving around in a clean car and you won't have to worry about flying objects in case you're in an accident.

(Pic: Dreamstime)

~ Avoid putting on the "poor me" face. By this, I don't mean you can never share your struggles with close friends and family, but this is not the image you want to project to the world. Smile and be kind to others regardless of your situation.

Though you may be struggling, you never know who is watching. How much better it is to be an example on how to deal with challenges with grace and style. You could be an inspiration to someone else. You just never know....


Theresa F said...

This is a really good post. It drives me nuts when people wear p.j's in public.

CTMOM said...

My Dad grew up poor, in a crowded city tenement and often went to bed hungry. : (

He never allowed us to wear "dungarees" or canvas sneakers (had to tote them to school on gym day) as only poor people wore those things. We had good leather shoes,and polished them weekly. We learned to respect our things, take care of them, make them last. We also invested in quality over quantity. You are so right, there is no excuse for poor hygiene. I often buy lower cost items at the dollar store, our clothes/household furnishing second hand thru a variety of resources. My possessions aren't worth much on paper, but they are very presentatble, taken care of, clean and in good working conditon. I mend/repair as needed, replace when necessary.
Great post!
And no, I would NEVER be seen in my pjs (although I wear nighties!) in public.

Ping~Laotian Chic said...

'However, you can still look neat and chic' and rest ring so true too. Over the years, it's been so nice to cut back to simplicity especially in the areas of make up to almost of a bare face. Great post and have a wonderful Friday!

Tracy Lee said...

Theresa - me too! Thanks!!

Ping - I, too, favor simplicity in makeup. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

CTMom - Your dad sounds like a very wise man! Like you, I often buy second-hand things and shop at the dollar stores and I agree about taking care of belongings and looking presentable. :)

Annabel Smith said...

This is so true!
Only the other day I thought how there are so many hairdressers in our area and yet I have never seen so many people that look like they have never washed their hair, let alone styled it.
People wear things you would not think suitable for wearing in public... when you can dress yourself pretty well from inexpensive and thrift store buys. Plus they dont look clean.
Similarly with homes. I have known people with filthy homes and they are complaining they dont have a big enough house. I think why would you be trusted with a bigger home when you dont look after this one?
In this comment I am not talking about people who are genuinely homeless etc I am talking about people who just cant be bothered.
It doesnt take money to be clean. I like the sound of your Dad. He sounds like a wonderful man.xx

Kathie Truitt said...

I like a 'natural-look' face, but no makeup bare face, to me, looks very sloppy. Either someone doesn't care or they think are too cute to not wear it. Just my opinion.