Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Benefits of Less

Do you ever feel like you will never be fully decluttered? I know I sure do. 

Some days I dream about lighting a match and burning this mutha to the ground and starting over! Don't worry. I won't follow through on that thought. Orange jumpsuits are not my style. Ha!

Alfred and I are working on painting our bedroom and I intend to do a massive edit and reorganization of the space, much to his chagrin. This room is the worst in my house and that should not be!

I want space and lots of it. 

I will need to buy a couple small things for this room: a wall mount bracket for the tv and a small table to hold the dvd player. Then I can get rid of the monstrosity clutter-holding entertainment center!

I truly believe less is more.

Less stuff equals less stress. Less debt and outgo of cash. Less worry. Less to maintain and clean

In return, you get: more peace. More time to do things you love to do, which makes for a life you love. You get to keep more of your money because it's not going to debt repayment and you're not buying needless stuff. More experiences. More freedom. More clarity.

The benefits of less far outweigh living with the status quo.

And so with that, I am off to begin tackling the clutter in my bedroom with gusto!


Scrappy quilter said...

So very true. I love spaces that have nothing in them. I've worked hard over the years to create those spaces. And everyday I love them more!

Tracy Lee said...

ScrappyQ - the simplicity just feels luxurious and calming to me. It's great that you still appreciate those spaces you created!

Diane~Our journey to a simple life said...

I loved this post!! It's a work in progress, this decluttering business. Sometimes, I wish I could start over, too. But, orange isn't my color either. Less is so more much, and I struggle with the letting go part of it. I'm getting there one room at a time and I'm pretty proud of my progress thus far. Good luck with your bedroom!!

Tracy Lee said...

Diane - I struggled for years with letting go. I'd let things go, but I held on to too much also. Now it's much easier for me to get rid of things! But I'm still a work in progress. :)

Mrs. Miano said...

Could you use any of the entertainment center? Just a thought but maybe a wall shelf for the DVD player? L brackets are cheap...maybe you could use some wood from the entertainment center (free). It might feel more spacious with out a table (more open floor space)You could paint the wood to match the wall color then it would blend in totally....I would also paint the dvd cord the wall color or poke it through the wall- but that can be harder :)

Mrs. Miano said...

You dont have to publish this but scroll down a bit on this link to see a picture of kinda what I'm talkin about http://ths.gardenweb.com/discussions/2659735/flat-screen-tv-on-wallwhere-is-cable-box

Tracy Lee said...

That's a good idea, Mrs. Miano! We are getting rid of the entertainment center by giving it to our son who is moving into a new place soon and is in need of furniture! But I do like the idea of a shelf rather than a table to free up floor space!