Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What My Perfect Day Would Look Like

I would wake up refreshed after a good night's sleep and wash my face and brush my hair before heading to the kitchen to make Alfred's coffee and my orange juice.

I'd send my love off to work with a kiss and then turn on some inspirational music, light a candle, and spend a little time writing in my journal. Afterwards, I make myself breakfast, an egg sunny side up with toast or perhaps fruit, cheese, and a croissant?

Then I change into yoga pants/capris/shorts and a tee and drive to the beach to walk along the sea and do yoga which is so relaxing. I do so enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea!

Upon arriving home I quickly knock out any house cleaning that needs to be done before showering and changing into fresh clothes.

For lunch, I prepare tuna salad on crusty bread and eat al fresco in the backyard while enjoying the birdsong. Then, I relax in the hammock or lounge chair with a good book and nap in the gentle breeze.

I then putter around in the garden tidying things up, pulling a few weeds, and selecting items for our dinner. Returning inside, I would work on my blog, call a girlfriend to chat, or work on a project.

My husband comes home and I begin to prepare our dinner while he gets cleaned up. I serve a refreshing shrimp salad and enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. There is soft music playing and we linger around the table enjoying our meal and conversation.

Afterwards we snuggle up on the couch and watch a good movie. Then, I begin my evening routine. I quickly clean up the kitchen and then head to boudoir to get ready for bed. I do some stretches as it helps relieve any body tension and helps me to rest better at night. 

We slip into bed at last, ending out day with kisses and I love yous before turning out the light and snuggling up so we can arises tomorrow and do it all over again.

What would your perfect day look like?


Scrappy quilter said...

That sounds like the perfect day.

Karla Neese said...

Wow I think I might just take your perfect day. :)

Teddi said...

oh my that sounds wonderful! Mine would be just about the same!
Have a Good Day!

debbie said...

now what is your day really

Fiona said...

I love it Tracy - beautifully said!