Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Joy of Puttering

On a cold, blustery day there is nothing better to do than to stay home to clean and putter around the house. I love to make things fresh and pretty.

The hardwood floor is now shiny in the living room. I've folded throws and plumped pillows. The scent of "candlelit kiss" wax melts permeates the air and smells heavenly.

I've dusted and vacuumed. I'm rearranging knick-knacks and making new vignettes. There is also some purging and reorganization of spaces. 

Once I've puttered to my heart's content, I plan to spend the afternoon baking. Homemade granola bars, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza dough for homemade pizzas for dinner.

What are you doing today?


a8383 said...

Painting! My son has requested for ages a wall of chalkboard paint- nearly freaked out as I put BLACK paint on his wall! He will be soooo happy when he gets home from school. Cookies will probably do it for your family too. : ) Angela

Rhonda IfYouDoStuffStuffGetsDone said...

I am home now and one grand son is napping but we have to leave in a while to pick up his brother at one school and his cousin at another school. Then we will all go to the children's play museum in our town where we have a membership. Supper will be soft tacos and the ingredients are all prepared and in the fridge, just waiting to be heated up and put together,

Your baking sounds delicious!

living from glory to glory said...

Hi Tracy, I spent some time working on a pattern of a crocheted snowflake! It still looks a bit off, but the next one should look a bit better :o)
Today I relaxed for a bit! Did some mending on two shirts that were too low in the front. I am still recovering from pneumonia! It has caused me to feel dizzy from meds! But I still putter around and keep busy!
Hope you stop in for a visit soon!

Shelley said...

I'm resting today after three hard work days helping some people move. The third day I wasn't sure I could get out of bed, but coffee helped a lot and I decided to just 'putter' - do the little things I could see were needed - instead of tackle huge jobs that were too physically demanding (I did my share of painting, cleaning, etc). It was good to still be useful without killing myself! I often forget to putter and enjoy my home. It isn't as grandiose as major projects, but it's very useful all the same.