Friday, January 02, 2015

Kicking Off the Year With a No-Spend Month

It's a new year and already I am budget-cautious, but it's not because we overspent on Christmas. It's just that I have big goals I hope to meet this year as far as savings and debt-repayment goes.

Other than our son's birthday, I will not spend one red cent on anything that is not absolutely necessary to our health and well being.

I plan to cook all meals at home and bake treats instead of buying them.

I will not buy any Kindle books. I have tons of free ones downloaded already that I can read. Plus the library I can borrow real books from.

I will not purchase any beauty products. I will be using things up before I buy anything new - makeup, lotions, hair care, etc.

I will avoid going out except to run errands. 

I will strive to keep the electricity bill as low as possible by wearing extra layers of clothing indoors, adding extra blankets to the beds, etc.

I will strive to keep the water bill as low as possible also.

I will strive to not waste any food by making use of leftovers and being creative with ingredients.

My goal is to tuck $400 into savings this month. I am even considering doing this every other month:


Will you be participating in this no-spend month?


Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I think in the past we've done NO Spend... in February. For us-- it always seem to fall better for us.
Our income is supplemented with babysitting our LITTLES for our kids. This February-- we are expecting 2 new ones. :) So-- the mommas will be home and not working. That means less income for us.
Best wishes to you as you NO SPEND your way through January. I'm hoping to glean what I can from you and implement it in February!

Mrs. Miano said...

I would like to recommend a GOOD cookbook I just read called the Everlasting Meal by Tamar was a fun read about good basic cooking and had some good ideas about leftovers and such...I think you may like it. I got it from the Library. Food is our biggest expense here other than housing. I 'm not there yet but am interested in minimalism in our food...or rather going way 50 lbs sack of taters a few veggies and few cuts of meat, eggs flour fruit....that kind of basics...the above cookbook explores concepts along those lines. I have also been checking out depression era cook books....they have a lot of very simple basic recipes. I am convinces I could still save a ton more in the food department...maybe 2015 will get me closer!!

Laura Lane said...

Food is our largest expenditure. I don't have enough on hand to do a no spend month.

debbie said...

so howd you do??????????????