Saturday, December 13, 2014

Marriage Thoughts

In the last few years, so many people we know have gone through or are currently going through a divorce and it always makes me sad. 

For many years we had a rocky marriage, but we weathered the storms and are going strong at 22+ years. Why have we made it so far when others did not?

We don't take ourselves too seriously. We cut up and act silly with each other. I laugh at his jokes and he puts up with my making up songs out of phrases. Hey, we each have our quirks...

We realize there will be bad days. But a bad day doesn't mean we have a bad life. It's temporary and it'll pass. When Alfred's having a bad day, I try to just let him vent about it and reaffirm to him that I support him and that tomorrow is a new day. He does the same for me.

We enjoy being together. Whether we are out and about running errands or visiting friends and family or just at home. We enjoy togetherness. That's one of the perks of being married.

We don't expect to agree on everything. We occasionally exchange a few snippy words (just being honest here) and it's usually when one of us is tired, hungry or feeling out of sorts. We forgive and move on.

We apologize when we are in the wrong. If Alfred has hurt my feelings, he has no problem apologizing. Neither do I. More often than not I misinterpreted something he said or it was the tone of voice used. 

We are a team. We are committed to each other and making our marriage work. Neither of us has any desire to start over. We've come to far and have overcome so much. We've got a good thing going these days!

We are loving. When out in public, I hold onto his arm while we are walking together. We massage each other's sore/achy muscles. There's not a day that goes by when we don't say "I love you" with numerous hugs and kisses. Touch is a powerful thing.

We are not perfect by any means. There is an ebb and flow in any marriage. It's not always going to be fireworks, but the fireworks are still there. 

Focus on what drew you to each other in the beginning. Focus on the good things he does. Treat him the way you want to be treated and give him a break. He is not a mind reader. 

Give without expecting anything in return. Support and encourage each other. Accept and admire him. It's not your job to change him. You are not his Mama. Just love that man. 

Marriage is not always easy. It takes work and commitment, but it's worth it.

“Falling in love is easy. But staying in love is very special.”
~ Unknown

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two plus 3/prettyvintageroses said...

Hi Tracy ,we have also over the years seen so many couples split up.We have been married 24 years this year,we have been through bad times and still together ,people gave us 9 months at the most.We proved them wrong.
Lisa xx