Saturday, December 06, 2014

Living Simple, Living Rich

It would appear that living a simple life and a rich life are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Perhaps I look at things differently than most?

By living simply, I am reducing our outgo and my possessions. I have begun to whittle away at our debt and start saving more of our hard-earned money so we can have freedom to live life the way we choose.

For many this would be considered a hardship....reducing their standard of living. However, I don't care to keep up with the Joneses. I have nothing to prove to anyone.

What could be more satisfying than freedom from debt? What would life be like if my husband didn't have to work as much as he does now because the house is paid off? That's my idea of living rich, my friends.

Now that we are once again a one income family, I can focus on simplifying our home, finances and our life. Do I feel poor to have to pinch pennies and clip coupons? Not at all. I feel rich!

I am rich to have a husband who loves and supports me and our family, to have a home, and food to eat.

I am rich to have my husband's trust in managing the finances. We started out as two kids with nothing 22 years ago. 

I am rich because I am able to be where I am happiest - at home tending to my family and caring for our home. I love creating a peaceful sanctuary for them and myself. 

There is so much more to living a rich life than material things. 


Dena Damron said...

Love following your posts! Do you have a Facebook page??

Tracy Hathcock said...

Hi Dena - I have a personal FB page but not one for my blog.

Sol said...

This post really spoke to me. Thanks for sharing.