Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Keeping Busy at Home

I've been keeping myself busy at home this week while Alfred is away for work by tackling some of the areas in our home that needed extra attention.

I can tell you this ....washing clothes by hand is doable but not easy! With Rheumatoid Arthritis I don't have enough strength in my hands to wring the water out good enough. So I have 3 choices: go to the laundromat, go to a family member's house to do laundry, or wait until Alfred gets back and fixes the washer.

I decluttered the pantry and now it looks so bare! It had become a catch-all for things that didn't go anywhere else, mainly tools and such. So that's stuff going out!  Now I have more room for food!! 

I want to be like Debra who has her little mini-mart at home and Brandy who's family lived off her stockpile for 2 years when the real estate bubble when bust in Nevada (her husband works in real estate). 

When I'm not cleaning or blogging, I've been on Pinterest. Oh my! The things I have found on there! Like crafting with cereal boxes and other crafty projects using recycled things in your home. And of course, looking for inspiration to save money and reduce expenses! I have 163 pinned items on my Money board.

These days I'm all about being happy and content at home while learning new skills that will allow me to stay home permanently. 

What are you doing these days?

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