Saturday, November 01, 2014

Thoughts On a Simple Christmas

Did you know we only have have 53 days until Christmas? 

I am already planning for a simplified holiday season. My side of the family drew names last night to exchange gifts.

Before I began working full time and had more time, I earned Swagbucks each day which I then turned into Amazon gift cards. I used those to buy gifts for our children throughout the year. 

I saved $10 per month in my Christmas Club and had $120 transferred into my account which I used to buy a few more gifts for our children. Other than stocking stuffers, they are done.

As for decorating, I plan to keep it very simple. A tree and maybe a wreath for the door. Boom! Done.  

Last year I kept the tree simple: red and silver balls with white and red lights and a white ribbon bow with red/green polka dots as our tree topper. I will do so again this year.

Alfred and I both thought the tree was the prettiest ever - even though it was so simple. I gave away all my other decorations. There was no sense in keeping what I will never use.

This Christmas season, I will not be shopping until I drop. Instead, I want to slow down and enjoy the holiday while making memories with my family.

Do you have any plans to simplify the holidays? I'd love to hear about them!


Terri Cheney said...

Our plans are massively more simple. My husband took over gifting and has allotted an amount to go to each family. It's well within our budget, there will be no 'overage' and each family will have the option of purchasing something for their home, a family pass, or pay a bill, as they choose. That leaves Christmas cards. We're having a family party in early December, between the holidays so no one has to struggle with work schedules or in law visits etc. My kids keep calling it Merry ThankChanukahMas, lol. I will have a Christmas tree up and am debating how to decorate to keep all the holidays drawn in while at the same time, keeping it simpler, as come Christmas it will be just us and not even on Christmas Day then but either just before or just after.

As of January we start our new birthday policy. Cards for everyone, grandchildren will get a $5 bill and that is that. With one set moving back to California, 3000 miles away and one set in North Dakota, 1900 miles away and two too little to care anyway, we're doing our best to make things simpler, easier, and more retirement friendly NOW.

Veritas Goodheart said...

Hi Tracey! Honestly this resonated with me so much, last year we were in debt until the end of march trying to play catch up with the overdraft, just because we went mad with gifts and decorations etc! So stupid! Not this year, we have agreed to spend a small amount on each other, and also give each other an IOU with an expiry date of 12 months, to be redeemed whenever required, this can be ie, washing my daughters car for her, husband making sunday lunch, me taking the dogs out whilst hubby rest up, well you get the idea, and the best thing is its obviously free! Also whatever task you receive, it will be done with love and I am sure be appreciated, happy holidays to you and your family. Peace.