Sunday, November 09, 2014

Little Ways I've Simplified Recently

I'm always trying to find ways to simplify my life. The less I have to think about or do, the less overwhelmed I feel.

~ I cleared out my purse. I had reward cards that were expired or never used. Off the key chain they went. Receipts and old papers I'd been carrying around were trashed. Little odds and ends I carry went into a clear plastic zip pouch.

~ My keychain now holds only my car key, house key and my grocery store reward card.

~ I've simplified my makeup routine. I only wear a tinted moisturiser, mascara and a sheer lip balm. Easy peasy!

What things have you simplified recently? 


Georgene G. said...

I am going to adopt your idea of getting rid of those reward cards i haven't used for a long, long time! Great idea! Thanks for the idea!

chezbliss said...

Love this! I also have simplified my make-up to much the same...except I HAVE to wear blush because of the little nitwit who called me "chief pale face" in 6th grade.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

sitting in church yesterday, I need to dig through my purse for a tissue. my date book, a library DVD, eyeglass case and a lot of other junk had to be moved around first. needless to say, when I got home that purse got a good cleaning out!
cosmetics...a bit of eye shadow, mascara, powder with a puff and lipstick. if it can't go on in a couple of minutes, it doesn't go on at all.

allisamazing said...

I enjoyed browsing your blog and am your newest follower :)