Tuesday, November 04, 2014

How I Prepare For the Work Week Ahead

On my off days I try to rest while also preparing for the week ahead. Being better organized helps greatly to reduce my stress level on work days.

~ I create a menu and grocery shop for the week. Knowing what I will be cooking saves me from scrambling to come up with a decent meal when I'm already tired.

~ I make sure all work clothes are clean and hung up for both myself and Alfred.

~ I clean out my purse and clean my shoes.

~ I know what bills need to be paid that week because I have a budget written out for the month.

~ I clean my car inside and out and top up on fuel.

~ I make note of any tasks or appointments that need to be handled and plan accordingly.

How do you plan for the week ahead?


Rowan said...

Being organized makes such a difference doesn't it? I've always been a great maker of lists and a planner ahead so I know just what you mean.

Teddi said...

I so want to be in the 'do less' part of life! i get so tangled up with everyday life that i forget to slow down! BUT when i read your post I take a deep breath and relax and I feel I can do this! thank you so much! for your post