Saturday, October 04, 2014

Working Towards Freedom

Most of us work to create a life for ourselves and our families. Trouble comes when we feel we have to keep up with our friends and neighbors. Then we are working to meet the minimum payments and feeling like we'll never get pay anything off. 

I know, because I've been there. Though not debt free yet, I have a plan to get us there. 

I am working towards freedom.

Freedom from debt. Freedom from excess. Freedom from stress. Freedom from working outside my home.

I just want to encourage those who are struggling -- don't give up! It's not going to be easy. Chances are it will be harder at first, but then a miracle happens. You may have a better job opportunity or maybe you'll get a raise or a bonus. Perhaps you'll get an unexpected check in the mail?

Save something out of every paycheck -- even if it's only a dollar. When you can increase it, do so. Small amounts add up over time!

Go over your expenses and see what you can eliminate and/or reduce. Reduce your electricity and water usage. 

Eat simple foods. Reduce your meat portions and/or eat more meatless meals. Make liberal use of beans, rice, eggs and veggies. Make use of leftovers.

Look for free entertainment via community events, parks, lakes/rivers/beaches, nature/hiking trails, free museum days, etc.

Limit driving to save on fuel costs. 

When needs arise see if you can find the item secondhand first.

Focus on providing necessities -- shelter, food, clothing, medical

The point is, be proactive. Be creative. Be thankful for what you have. Don't worry about what others have/do/think. Pray and pay your way out of bondage.

Commit to a life of freedom.

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jeanie said...

Thank you for your inspiration to live a more simpler frugal lifestyle. I usually don't comment, but I read all of your blog posts. The grocery store is where I'm finding in harder and harder to stay within budget, but I'm going to keep on trying.