Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Simplifying Yard Work

These days, I am ever so busy between work, home and family, but I am happy. Little by little progress is being made in our finances, home, and yard.

We spent Sunday working in the yard. Bushes that wrapped around our home were pulled up, holes were filled in, and then we cleaned the house exterior with bleach and the pressure washer. 




I am simplifying the yard as well! We are going to let the bare spots fill in with grass and call it good.  

With both of us working full time we don't want to spend our weekends doing tons of yard work, so the simpler the better! Besides bushes are hiding spots for mosquitoes and wasp nests and I can do without those, thank you very much.


Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Living in Texas and having drought like we do... it isn't uncommon to see houses with no shrubbery. At the foundations are crisp lines demarcating home and yard.
We also see lots of xeriscaping in lawns too. I'm with you, yard work is a lot of work and can be a lot of wasted time and energy.
I tend to plant natural elements and let them grow free and wild. I like a more natural element.
Since we have such severe water restrictions... rock, dry grasses, drought tolerant plantings are put in place of a lawn.
It isn't as pretty to some to look at-- but it is less maintenance for sure!
Of course, living in the country helps-- if I lived in a neighborhood with HOA- 'free and wild' flies in the face of conformists!
I would almost think if you had an HOA-they'd frown upon your yanking of shrubs.
I am curious-- did you pass on those lovely specimens to Craig's Listers, passers by or willing to work for shrubbery types?
Around here people will come dig your shrubbery up and take them off your hands, if you don't want them!

Mrs. Miano said...

We have done this recently too....we jokingly called it de-landscaping!! We had a giant shrub die by our front door last year so we took it out...then a few weekends ago we chopped down it's mate on the other side of the door. We stepped back after a little clean up and decided to NOT replace them with anything!!! YAY! We took out a weeping cherry tree a few years ago for the same reason- I got so tired of trimming it all summer long. I hate yard work right now because I simply dont have the time for it!!! LOL ! Your place looks nice with out the shrubs!!!