Friday, October 03, 2014

Obsessed with Simplicity

My mind is constantly thinking about ways I can further simplify my life. It has become an obsession.

I have never been a high maintenance girl and now I'm becoming less so.  I decided to stop painting my toes. I now buff my nails instead. I am not planning to color my hair, despite the silver that is showing up all over my head!

I plan to use up all my makeup, lotions, etc before buying more. I really don't wear much anyway and when I am not at work I generally go au naturel to allow my skin time to breathe.

I am slowly buying clothes - one piece at a time - and getting rid of what doesn't look good on me. I intend to have a small wardrobe in colors that are within my soft summer palette and look good on me and the body I have now.

I have decided on one purse to keep that looks very similar to this:

I decided to dispose of things in my life that I imagined I may use and focus on the life I live. We prefer a casual, yet clean and tidy home. Comfort is very important to us.

I got rid of my fancy tea cups, chintz plates, and dessert cups. We never used them anyway. I have gotten rid of most of my seasonal decor. I want to keep things simple and enjoy the seasons/holidays.

Soon I'll be purchasing new towels and wash cloths, preferably in white so they can be bleached.
I have donated lots of plates, coffee cups, and glassware. It's not often that we entertain, so it doesn't make sense to hang on to all that kitchenware. I kept the basics as far as pots and skillets. I do not cook gourmet meals!

We are eating less fast food and cooking more at home. Dining out should be special and better quality than what is served at the golden arches.

I throw junk mail away as soon as it comes in, plus all the envelopes our bills come in since I pay nearly everything online.

I toss out magazines and catalogs as soon as we are done looking at them. Sometimes, even before we've read them if they have sat too long.

The above are some of the changes I have made. There are more changes in the works, but it is a start. I am ever working towards progress rather than perfection.

Have you made any changes to simplify your life? Please share in the comments.


Pattie - Chicagoland, IL said...

What a terrific list! I have only started reading your blog in the past month or so but find yours is among the few that I look forward to seeing all the time. As I get older (now 62) I find myself doing much of the same as you in terms of simplifying. I simply feel like it is the right time to do so.

Stephanie said...

I love reading your posts and that you continue to post on simplifying your life. I never get tired of it.

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

"working hard towards progress...rather than perfection."
Love that Tracy!
I like the concept of simplifying and having it be an obsession.
Your list is inspiring ...

Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy, I slowly switched all our bath towels, wash cloths etc to white and I really like them this way. I do bleach them and I know they are clean and germ free afterward.

Your list is great!