Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Wanted: To Live Life on My Own Terms

Though my job is easy enough, I find myself dreaming of the day I can return home. Outside employment is not for me.

I do not like office politics, nor being told what to do. I don't care for customers with attitude. My pleasantness quickly fades. I'm really not a people-person!

But what really gets me is that I don't have enough time to do the things I enjoy, nor keep my house and yard the way I want it. It seems like all I do is work and come home to more work. It's hard to muster up energy beyond doing dinner, dishes and laundry. 

I want to write. I want to read good books. I want to cook and bake. I want to have the energy to clean my house and work in my yard. I want to be home when Alfred is home and do things with my girls. I want to rest when I'm tired and not be tied to a set schedule. I want time to visit my Mama and siblings.

I want to live life on my own terms. 


Teddi said...

I love your blog! and i agree about wanting to live my life as i want! hoping for both of us that will come soon! keep your head up and keep on going! thanks for your blog!

Terri Cheney said...

Consider this: Are YOU worth the investment of time it will take to become debt free so that you can enjoy those things? Or at least debt free enough to manage to continue to pay off debts once you're home?

This was a question that came up with my son when he was newly into Coast Guard and questioned whether he wanted to do that job or not. Four years was what he was required to do. I asked him "Are you worth a four year investment in your life? To be able to go to school, use VA benefits etc., you need to stay in for four years...Are YOU worth that investment in your own life?" He's still in some 15 years later, just a few years from retirement.

I so get the desire to be at home. It was very hard to pay off our debt with me at home, but it was necessary for us to do it that way due to child care issues. You speculated that in 8 years you would be completely out of debt. Why not figure out how long it would be for you to stay home? Obviously as you pay down debt you are getting closer and closer to the goal of being a fulltime homemaker. Chin up Tracy! You've come a long way in just a few months time!

Debbi said...

Tracy, it will come sooner than you think, just make it your goal to make it happen. I know the feeling. Twice in my lifetime I have been where you are, hating the job. The last time I wanted so badly to quit and persue my art full time at home. I spent a lot of time figuring out how it could work losing my salary from the household income. I was stressed and very frugal the first 3 months and surprised to find that we did make it with more money at the end of the month than when I was working! I attributed this to the fact that I was not paying for gas to get to and from work, did not have the clothing purchases and not stopping and shopping after work or on my lunch break!

Tracy Hathcock said...

Terri - if I continue working we can be debt-free by April 2022. If I quit, it would be Dec. 2023.

Tracy Hathcock said...

Thank you, Teddi!

Debbi - how wonderful you were able to quit and do even better by not working! I only live 5 minutes from my job and I stay out of the stores. Work clothes are 2 pairs of khakis and 2 blue polos. I do not intend to buy more until these wear out.

Fiona said...

Tracy, thank you for this wonderful post. It sounds like a beautiful and achievable dream!

Terri Cheney said...

I'll wager you get there sooner than that. All sorts of GOOD things can happen when you begin paying off debts. A windfall, a bonus you hadn't expected. Not shortsighting you and saying there won't be additional expenses too, but I found those were easily managed and temporary blips in the road. I just saw your latest post and am impressed beyond measure at how much you've repaid already. It really does start to snowball after a bit.