Monday, September 29, 2014

Decluttering One Layer At a Time

On this quest to simplify my life I have found decluttering is done in layers. I get rid of things that I am ready to let go of at that time. When I become dissatisfied with the state of my home, I cull another layer. 

There are times while decluttering I think to myself, "Why have I held on to this ____ for so long?" It was because I wasn't ready to let it go but now I am and I happily toss it in the trash or charity box.

Sunday, I went through linens I had been holding on to and culled a bag full. I have gotten rid of a lot, but there is more to be done. With each box I donate or bag that I trash, I feel lighter and freer. 

I am creating the life I want.

One layer at a time. 

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Terri Cheney said...

And that's just the way it works! My mother was shocked when I culled my linens down to just four towels in the bathroom and 3 sets of sheets. I've never missed all those excess ones I had and when I need a new pair I buy 1 new pair...It works and is so easy to maintain a neat and nice closet. I have a small donate pile right now ready to go out of the house with me Thursday and haven't even been working hard at the task, just things I've picked up as I've gone about doing housekeeping over the past month.