Thursday, September 11, 2014

Choosing to Bloom

We can make ourselves quite miserable wishing for things we don't currently have. What good does that do? Absolutely nothing. It's better to work with what you do have and make the best of things.

Today I choose to bloom.

I am choosing to work to help us become debt-free faster while building savings. In the meantime, I am going to work on rearranging my life to help me achieve my personal goals. I am in serious need of work/life balance. 

I am thinking I need to go to bed earlier and awaken very early so I can have time to write uninterrupted, stretch and strengthen my body while enjoying the solitude and eat a healthy breakfast. 

Evenings are dinner prep and cleanup, making sure work clothes are clean, and resting/relaxing with my family. 

I now have weekends off again (hallelujah!), so if I can get housework out of the way Friday night or early Saturday morning, the rest of the weekend can be spent doing enjoyable activities.

I'm still trying to figure it all out but it's a start.

Working women (outside employment - because goodness knows we all work!), how do you balance work/home/personal activities? I want to hear from you!


Terri Cheney said...

When I worked, I hated to give up my whole Saturday to clean/grocery shop/etc. It felt like I was getting shorted on those two precious days off. I learned to do a few things during those days that was a huge help. We did a load of laundry every day, so no big laundry day occurred on Saturday. I only had to do sheets and towels that day. And I prepped the next day's supper while that night's meal cooked. We ate a lot of one pot or casserole type meals but it was worthwhile to walk in, slide a pan in the oven. Preparing a basket with snacks/chips/etc to be packed in lunches left me with only making sandwiches and often I prepared several days worth so lunch was a matter of packing a bag and it was all done.

And I accepted that one day off was better than NO days off, so I managed to knock out cleaning and weekend meal prep Friday evening/Saturday morning as you plan to do.

The Retro Homemaker said...

When I worked, I would do my cleaning right before my day would start, pack a lunch and I'd shop after my day was done for food, and then come home and make dinner, then clean up again.

Fiona said...

Tracy, I always feel so happy and content when I look at what I DO have rather than what I don't. What a beautiful reminder to Bloom.

Like you, we're working on paying off our home loan quickly and I keep focused on that when I think about things I'd like to spend money on. I know when we are debt-free it will be such an amazing feeling as well as being less vulnerable financially.

It will probably be different for you, but when I feel my work/home/play balance is out, it's because I'm wasting time on unimportant activities and going through my day on auto-pilot instead of directing myself. Then I'm surprised when I have no time for my hobbies after getting all my home chores done!

I love getting up at 6am and having at least an hour to myself to sip tea, read, write and potter before I start making breakfast. It's one of my favourite times of the day. But I can only get up that early because I have lights out by 10pm. Any later and I feel awful getting up at 6.

maryland said...

I sometimes sacrifice Friday night for the weekend: come home from work, throw on an apron, crank up the music, pizza for dinner and get the housework/laundry done. When I come down Saturday morning, it's to a clean haven and it puts me in a great frame of mind.