Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why I Am Attracted To the Minimalist Lifestyle

1. I want to live a simpler life.

2. I want fewer possessions, but higher quality.

3. I want freedom.

4. I want to be more mindful.

5. I love spacious, streamlined rooms. To me, it looks and feels luxurious!

6. A smaller wardrobe where everything fits well and flatters my coloring.

7. More time to do the things I enjoy.

8. Less upkeep and maintenance. 

9. More money because I am not recreational shopping or trying to fill empty spaces in my home.

10. I want to have only what is useful and beautiful in my home and life.

11. No piles of paperwork. I'm going digital!

12. Creating a vacation spirit in my every day life.

13. I don't want to spend my off days endlessly cleaning.

14. More experiences, less things.

15. More time with family and friends.

16. Becoming debt-free instead of creating more debt.

17. Less stress and worry.

18. Be happier.

19. We don't have to have a huge house or rent a storage building.

20. I am ready to clear out the excess and the unimportant and create my ideal life.

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