Sunday, August 24, 2014

Off the Deep End?

I have been on a kick lately to get rid of as much of the unnecessary (read clutter) and simplify our lives as much as possible. The catalyst for this change was when I began working outside the home. I simply didn't have enough time to keep up with everything! 

My husband, Alfred, thinks I've gone off the deep end. He worries we'll get rid of stuff we will need in the future - say dishes and silverware. We rarely have company over for dinner and never a huge crowd - except for birthday parties. I can use paper plates and plastic eating utensils for that. No biggie!

He has yet to come around to the idea of the minimalist lifestyle. I get it. I have read countless books, articles, and blogs over the past year. I just go on my happy little way, clearing the clutter and simplifying. The more I get rid of, the happier I become. 

I don't nag or throw his stuff out behind his back. I have plenty of my own stuff to handle. There is no doubt in my mind he will come around to my way of thinking once he sees the benefits of having a happier, less stressed wife, a cleaner home, more money and more free time.

If that's considered going off the deep end, he ain't seen nothin' yet... *smile*


Fiona said...

My husband has said similar things a number of times. Such as he thinks one day he will get home from work and there will be an empty house with two sofas and two cats in it. But really, what more do we need!

Tracy Hathcock said...

Not nearly as much as we think we do! I get teased all of the time by my family for getting rid of things, but I take it all in stride. I have reached the point of enough and am ever pursuing my desire for greater simplicity and, now, minimalism.