Wednesday, August 27, 2014

20 Ways to Simplify Life

I am a list-maker at heart and I love to brainstorm ideas and solutions to problems. Here are 20 ideas to get you started on the road to simplicity.

1. Get rid of the excess in my home.  Only keep what is beautiful and useful. It makes cleaning easier and I won't need to spend as much time doing it.

2. Have everyone pitch in on the care & keeping of our home. I am not Superwoman and will no longer to try to do it all. 

3. Do 15-30 minutes of cleaning every day. I want to be able to do things I enjoy & rest on my off days - not spend all day cleaning.

4. Buy quality over quantity. Buying fewer items, but of better quality so they last longer.

5. Have a minimalist wardrobe. I wear my favorite things repeatedly while the rest of my clothes languish in the closet. Time to carefully and thoughtfully upgrade my clothing one piece at a time.

6. Find quick, healthy recipes for work days. This will not only be better for our health but will save money.

7. Simplify the colors I use in my home & wardrobe. By limiting the colors I use, everything will mix and match well. And it will be more soothing and calming.

8. A simple makeup/hair routine. I do not fight my wavy/curly hair each morning. I work with it. I prefer wash and go styles. My makeup is pretty simple also - a little foundation, blush, powder, a sweep of eye shadow over the lids, mascara on top lashes only and gloss. 

9. Shower at night instead of in the morning when I have to get ready for work. This would give me more time to enjoy a leisurely breakfast and read before work. 

10. Write out a menu plan for the week. Need to get back to this. I abhor going to the grocery store after work!

11. Only buy groceries once or twice a week. See number 10!

12. Wash a load of clothes when basket is full. Dry & put away immediately. I am bad about letting the clean clothes pile up, so I am diligently trying to change this habit.

13. Go to bed early. I usually go to bed by 10pm but 9pm would be better.

14. Go digital as much as possible. I've gotten rid of most of our CDS and DVDs. I can all of my favorite music on Spotify. I'll probably resubscribe to Netflix in the future for access to movies. Online banking saves me time and postage, thereby reducing paper clutter. I want to convert all of my pictures to digital version, too.  

15. Have less material needs. As I rid our home of more and more stuff, I'm realizing there is not much I need. The stuff does not make me happy. Having time to do what I want and rest does!

16. Spend less. By spending less, we will be able to apply more money towards debt-repayment and savings.

17. Save more. By saving more money, we can be better prepared for the unexpected, thus our stress will be reduced.

18. Only buy with cash. We won't be increasing our debt by purchasing things we do not need. 

19. Pay off all debt. My goal is to be 100% debt-free in 8 years or less. That's real freedom!

20. Simplify my yard work. I've been looking at minimalist yards. I hate weeding flower beds and I don't have the time now for major upkeep. Clean and simple sounds wonderful! 

Please share ways you have simplified your life in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you! 


Fiona said...

Your list is delightful and inspirational dear Tracy. And I am soft summer colouring too so I love the images you have chosen.

My simplification focus is to use stuff up and only make a purchase at the grocery store if I decide I want it again after the last bit is gone. It feels wonderful.

I also was not able to comment so I'm so glad you've changed your settings. I even set up a Google+ account and I STILL couldn't comment. Yay for comments being fixed!

Tracy Hathcock said...

Thank you, Fiona! The colors on the pic I used for house colors are much lighter and softer than they appear on my blog. If you click on the link and go to the actual picture you will see what I mean.

The more I scale back and get rid of the excess, the better I feel. I only have so much time and energy and I don't want to spend all my time at home cleaning & maintaining stuff. I want to have time to do things I enjoy & rest! :)