Thursday, May 08, 2014

Frugal Doings

Finally, I feel like we are beginning to make progress! Alfred's had steady work the past several weeks and I am able to tuck a little money into our savings.

I shaved another $3 off our utility bill. I'm hoping it will continue to drop. Now that we are having to run the air conditioning, it may not drop much but every little bit helps.

I spent $40 in swagbucks gift cards to buy each of my girls a gift for Christmas.

I clipped coupons and made a grocery shopping list/menu for this week. I'll do the shopping tomorrow morning before work.

I made Alfred's bike payment early to avoid a $40 late fee which I've had to pay often due to the way our bills fall. 

Alfred gets an extra paycheck this month. Other than buying groceries, I plan to tuck it away into savings.

Change I have found around the house was put into the change jar. 

I made a debt tracking chart from a long rectangular piece of cardboard that was the backing of a poster pic. Using what I had on hand...

Spent a day last weekend working to clear the area around the fire pit in the backyard. I planted elephant ears and something else. I can't remember what it was, but I'll find out soon enough! Possibly daylilies? 

I made Hamburger Helper this week and reduced the amount of milk and water required. It made no difference in the taste.

I continue to declutter as I have time and am considering having a yard sale next month. 

What frugal things are you doing?

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