Sunday, May 04, 2014

Feeling Chatty

Today is my third, and last, day off. I have been enjoying my time at home. I worked in the yard yesterday clearing out brush and weeds from around the fire pit. I dug up countless oak tree saplings. Boy, am I feeling it today! There is still a lot more clearing to do, but I'll work on it as I have the time to.

I have begun looking for a new job. Management has become ridiculous - changing rules and such. They do not care about their employees, nor their family life. The slackers get away with doing less while those who work hard get their butts handed to them. It is no longer a good work environment. But I'll hang in there until I can find something better.

My goal is to eventually return home full time by November 2017. By then, God willing, I should have several doctor bills from my surgery and three of our larger bills paid off which will give us some breathing room, especially in the Winter months when Alfred's work drops off. The goal is to become completely debt-free, house included, by August 2022. 

It is a lofty goal considering the amount of debt we owe, but completely doable as long as we add no new debt, keep a tight rein on spending and follow the plan. While everyone sings praises about Dave Ramsey, I prefer Mary Hunt and this book by Jerrold Mundis. In my opinion, their plans are far more realistic which will enable you to stick to it for the long-term.

I have much more on my share but I must get busy here. Hope you are having an enjoyable Sunday!  

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