Friday, April 11, 2014

Starting Over

I kinda fell off the frugal bandwagon, through no fault of my own (but that's a story for another day). Thoughts were running through my head like, "What's the use? We'll never be out of debt!" But it's that negative mind babble that keeps one stuck and I just won't allow it any longer!

So I've resolved to do my best to live frugally, to simplify, and to reduce expenses cheerfully. I will put to use my creativity to stretch our pennies as far as I can. 

It is my goal to avoid paying full price for as much as possible - whether it be groceries, toiletries, clothing or home goods. 

I also plan to put a little money into savings out of each paycheck.

Menu planning will be based off the weekly sales circular and paired with coupons. Coupons equals free money & I'm not about to pass that up. Leftovers will be eaten or made into a new meal instead of thrown away.

I will continue trying to reduce our electricity and water usage. Each month the bill has come down a little further and I'd like to try to get it as low as possible & keep it that way.

I've slacked on Swagbucks this past month or so but I want to get back into it. That's FREE money that I can use for Christmas. 

The girls and I are already planning to spend a lot of time at the beach this Spring/Summer. That's virtually free with the exception of drinks & ice.

Any extra, unexpected money we receive will be divided between debt, savings, family fun, and needs.

Anything we can do ourselves, we will. Thank goodness my husband is very handy!

There will be no more buying on credit, ever, as long as I have a say in it!

Holidays will be simple with the focus on doing and being together, not on spending.

I will continue to write out a budget each month.

Any lunch or snack I need to take to work will be brought from home. Alfred works close enough to come home for lunch and he gets an hour whereas I only get 15 - 30 minutes depending on the hours I work.

I will use less. Less dish & clothes soap. A pea size amount of toothpaste, less shampoo and conditioner and will try to get my family to do the same.

I will save all change in my big change jar.

We will do our best to use it up, wear it out, and make do. Recycle. Upcycle. 

Make a list of items needed and start hunting via garage sales and thrift stores.

Have a couple No-Spend months this year and bank the money saved.

Have more No-Spend Days than Spend Days and limit driving/combine errands to save on fuel and maintenance costs.

Does this sound like a bleak existence? I certainly do not intend for it to be! I plan to make it as joyful as possible. Some things will take getting used to as we whittle expenses to the bone. 

I don't care about keeping up with anyone. I would much rather have peace of mind and enjoy the simple things in life with my family.  

It's all about freedom....                                                                      

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