Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday-Tuesday Frugal Doings


~ Found 25 cents in dryer doing laundry.

~ Cleaned out my change purse giving Alfred $2.60 for drinks at work and I put 12 cents in change jar.

~ Left AC off until 6pm.

~ Clipped & organized coupons.

~ We had planned to cook a large pork tenderloin on the grill but it poured rain. So we cooked it in the oven which took two hours. I made us scrambled egg sandwiches and we finished off the chips. The pork loin will be eaten tonight (Tuesday) instead. 

~ Washed a full load of clothes. Cleaned the lint filter before drying.

~ Had my follow up appointment with surgeon at no cost. I was released to return to work. Set up payment plan of $20/month for his bill for doing my surgery - $1,357.30.


~ Turned off AC when I got up. A cold front moved in and now it's cold! Mother Nature is all messed up.

~ Paid off a small dental bill of $52.

~ Spent $73.41 at grocery store; saved $31.50. Everything I bought was on sale, except sliced cheese and Special K cereal. I bought an 11 pound ham for Easter for $10.89, saving me $13.40. Also bought a 30 pound bag of Purina Dog Chow for $20.99. Regular price is $26.99 but it was $5 off and I had a $1 coupon.

~ Other items purchased were Charmin toilet paper, gold potatoes, sugar, tea bags, coffee K cups, lunch meat for sandwiches.  

~ Having the pork loin for dinner tonight with mashed potatoes and green peas. 

I plan to update more often so I can remember all that I do to save money while reducing expenses. Hopefully it will also keep me better motivated as I see progress.

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