Monday, April 21, 2014

Frugal Doings

Hello Friends! It's been a busy, exhausting week. Today is my seventh day straight of work and I'll finally get a day off tomorrow. 

Let's get to the frugal doings, eh?

We had a nice Easter at home with a simple Easter dinner. I had to work, so Alfred prepared the food and did clean up. I managed to spend only $5 per child for Easter basket goodies (candy) so $15 total.

I saved the cotton out of a medicine bottle.

Added $1.56 to the change jar.

We have eaten all dinners at home. No fast food.

The weather is still pretty mild here so we're leaving the AC off as much as possible. I shut the computer down each night when not in use. The printer is not turned on unless needed.

I have had medical bills rolling in like nobody's business! The hospital bill alone was over $19,000. I will call the hospital's billing department tomorrow to see if I qualify for financial assistance and can get the bills reduced or eliminated. It never hurts to ask...

I've been running errands on my way to or from work, depending on my hours. 

I managed to save $150 out of Alfred's paycheck this week and transferred it into savings. Hoping to add to it a little with each pay period, both mine and his.

I plan to make a goal poster for debt-freedom and will work on that this week.

And most importantly, I am staying positive and not allowing myself to freak out over the medical bills and the amount of debt we owe (a lot!). I just keep reading, learning, and applying what I can to help lower expenses. 

I am determined to not give up.

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