Monday, April 07, 2014

Creating a Spirit of Abundance at Home

It has always been my goal to provide a cozy home life for my family where no privation should be felt. I admit, I lost my way for a time.  There was little joy to be found here at home. But that has begun to change.

I am studying How I feed My Family On $16 a Week by Jo Ann York. 

I am looking for new recipes to try.

I printed out journal pages for my girls.

I purchased watercolor paints and paper for them to do art with.

We are about to start our second puzzle.

We are planning a family staycation in June.

I'm scouring Pinterest for neat crafty things the girls can do.

As soon as I am healed from surgery we will be doing more outside of the home: beach days, geocaching, nature walks, thrift shopping, ice cream treats and the like.

The focus is not on the money spent, but on creating a feeling of abundance with pleasant occupations and spending time with them doing fun things.

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