Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Awakening

Spring brings out the best in me. I feel energized, hopeful, encouraged. As the earth warms and awakens from its Winter slumber, so do I. Spring makes me come alive.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day weeding the flower bed pictured above. Oh, what a mess it was! And I realized that I really do not like the chore of weeding, thus it's a good thing I am simplifying my yard along with my home. 

I still must layer newspaper, then weed blocker fabric, then a final layer of mulch to this bed, which will be my only one. I don't have time for a yard with a lot of upkeep since I'm working, but I still want my yard to look nice. 

It's a matter of priorities and figuring out what works best for me at this time in my life. Simple is better!

Today I had to work a five hour shift, thankfully getting off early in the afternoon. I changed clothes upon arriving home and went out front with my tarp to load up the weed pile, sticks that had fallen from our river birch tree and the sago palm branches that turned yellow from the ice storm back in January. 

Then I dragged it all out to the alley and dumped it which will be picked up by the city sometime this week. Back to the front I went to rake beneath the palm. 

Knock-out Rose

I still have bushes to trim and I must remove the flower bed in front of the porch. When it rains the water comes straight off the roof and beats the flowers off my roses (we have no gutters), thus the reason I am removing that bed. Those plants will be moved to the backyard...about five plants in all.

So while there is quite a bit to be done yet, I am doing what I can bit by bit. Progress is being made and I'm just happy to be able to do something to bring more beauty to our yard. 

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