Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baking Day and More

I've already done a quick tidy to the house this morning. Though it's relatively warm here, we have gray skies and rain is expected today so no yard work can be done. Instead, I plan to spend the next few hours baking.

Since I began working, I've baked maybe twice. My kids sure do miss it. I plan to make brownies, homemade granola bars and banana bread - one loaf will go to my sister for her birthday in lieu of a gift. 


Another thing: we've been working on a 1,000 piece puzzle in the evenings after dinner. It is slow going and sometimes frustrating, but we are making progress! 

I love it because we are spending time together - even Alfred gets involved. We talk and laugh and celebrate each piece we add to the puzzle. 


I've been looking up inexpensive crafty ideas for the girls. There are so many cool ideas on Pinterest. Here is my Teen Crafts board. 

I don't know about where you live, but around here people are already flocking to the nurseries and home improvement stores for gardening supplies and plants. It is not unusual to hear lawnmowers now. Spring is most assuredly on it's way! 

We will still get cold snaps here and there, but I am enjoying the warmer days and sunshine with windows flung open wide. It's been so refreshing to sleep comfortably (for now) with the windows open at night.  

We have so much work do in the yard. I am going to do what I can on my off days and Alfred will do more on the weekends when he's off (I usually have to work weekends). But bit by bit we will get it done. 

What garden plans do you have for this year?


Terri Cheney said...

I want very much to have a cutting garden this year. Haven't done that in years upon but breaking up area to plant is impossible alone and John says he could care less. I can't work around house because one of the projects on our list is to put in permanent underpinning rather than this pvc skirting we have. I'm thinking of mulching areas about house anyway and then setting up various sizes of BIG galvanized tubs and planting in them. At least they are somewhat portable, especially if half filled with aluminum cans or plastic bottles.

Cheapchick said...

We are taking out some bushes that the previous owners planted but I am really hesitant to do it as not really sure what I want to put in - hubby is all gung ho about ripping it out but it just says Big Project to me. The bushes really take over our back yard though. Spring is such a neat time, birds chirpin, things growing, such a time of renewal, you have to love it!