Friday, February 07, 2014

No Spend February: Week One

I have tried  to be as frugal as possible this week and cut out all non-essential spending.

I have cooked meals at home all week.

I made pancake sausage muffins for Alfred to take to work so he wouldn't buy junky snacks, thus spending money.

I made the kids Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins, doubling the recipe. When I ran out of muffin papers I poured the rest of the batter into a baking pan & made bars.

Thankfully it has warmed up from last week's ice storm so I have turned off the central heat/air for the time being.

I came in under budget this week while grocery shopping. I budget $125/week for our family of 5 (including pets, toiletries, etc.). I spent $112.11.

I designate $10/week in the grocery budget to stocking up. This week it was tuna. They had Starkist Tuna 4 packs on sale for $2.49. I bought four packages which I hid because the kids would gobble them up! ;D

I had two non-essential purchases this week. I bought 2 gifts for Christmas regular price would have been $43.60, but they were on sale for 50% off plus I had $9 in ECB from CVS. I spent $13.37 out of pocket.

My other non-essential purchase was on books. I bought three used books from Amazon for $12 but used two $5 Amazon gift cards I've earned through Swagbucks so I only spent $2 out of pocket.

We had simple meals. Homemade chili, cheesy potato soup, and chicken and dumplings, etc. 

Would have been nice to have had crackers with the chili but there were no more in the pantry so we did without them.

I Spring cleaned the master bathroom, decluttered and reorganized. It looks so much better. The more I release all the things we don't need and use, the lighter I feel. 

Earned $1.90 sent through


Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy, I was thinking about your taxes, did you do them on paper or use a tax program? I do ours online with Taxact but before I actually do the filing, I put our info into turbotax and hrblock and see if any of them have different results. It won't cost anything until you actually file and it might be a big difference. I even saw a news story about doing this.

Is Alfred still in the Gaurd? I know he has had some medical issues, it is a long slow process but has he filed for any disability if he is out or getting out? If he can, he should. It won't happen quickly though.

Tracy said...

Rhonda, I use TaxAct as well, but have already filed my taxes. Now I just gotta come up with the money before April 15th!

Alfred is still in the Guard and he's still having medical issues. He has not filed for any disability, though I'm really beginning to think he should as things are getting worse. He's trying to wait til he gets his 20 years in before he gets out but that's 4.5 more years.

Rhonda said...

4.5 years awhile still and that retirement would be great. Just keep up with all his medical issues, especially any injuries that occurred while he was on duty, records, so that when the time comes, he can file if he chooses to.
My husband was medically discharged in 1991 but we knew nothing about ratings and benefits. Now 20+ years full of pain, 7 surgeries and countless prescriptions and dr visits, he is finally getting decent disability pay.

Wendy said...

Tracy, I am a big fan of your blog...and I really admire your dedication to frugality! It's certainly not easy...I know firsthand. But you are definitely an inspiration. Just wanted to tell you so, keep up the good work.


Tracy said...

Thank you, Wendy!