Friday, February 21, 2014

No Spend February: Week 3

Friday: Checked the sale ad for my grocery store and was not impressed. I made out a menu plan for the week and clipped a few coupons. 

I was very thankful the Purina dog food was still on sale. I bought a bag last week on sale at $11.99 and one this week since it was still on sale and I had an e-coupon from WD for $1 plus a manufacture Q for $1, bringing the price down to $9.99. 

I also stocked up on SoftSoap 4 pk. bars for $2.25. I purchased four packs (16 bars) for $9.00.

Hellman's mayo was BIGIF at $5.99. I had a 50 cent e-coupon plus two additional manufacture Q's for 50 cent each. So those two jars of mayo were $4.49.

Before shopping, I was almost out of dish-washing soap. I turned the bottle upside down, determined to get every last drop out. 

Being it's Valentine's Day, I gave my husband his gift - a wooden sign that says, "I've fallen in love many times, always with you", a card with a personal note and a box of conversation hearts. Every year I get the kids a small box of chocolates and they also received conversation hearts. Spent less than $20 in January for all their goodies.

Gave Alfred $20 to spend for this holiday. He bought two dozens roses. I got 22 of them (one for each year I was his Valentine) and he gave one to each of our girls.

Earned a $5 gift card via Swagbucks.

Saturday: I'm still using the upside down bottle of dish washing liquid. ;)

Needed to buy OTC medicine and purchased the generic version. Also bought a 4 pack of mini post it notes in neon colors to post around the house reminding the kids to turn lights, computer, etc. off when they are done. Spent $3.43.

Turned the heat off this morning and left it off until about 7pm.

Made dinner at home - nachos.

Sunday: Turn the heat off and left it off. It was a beautiful, sunny day.

Made dinner at home - meatballs in spaghetti sauce baked in the oven topped with cheddar cheese and garlic bread sticks. We had this at a friend's house recently. The kids loved it!

Took the sliver of soap from the bath tub and put it in a jar with a bit of water. Eventually the soap will dissolve and I'll have liquid hand soap!

Monday: We were invited over to friends of ours for dinner. A tasty dinner and good company is such a nice combination.

Used minimal soaps for both washing dishes and clothes.

Decluttered paper files.

Did not run the heat or air.

Tuesday: Borrowed a book from the library.

Made dinner at home.

Didn't run the heat or air. Opened windows to catch the cooler night air.

Turned the shampoo and conditioner bottles upside down in the bathroom to use every last bit.

Wednesday: Made dinner at home - Three Cheese Pasta Bake.

Didn't run the heat or air. Left windows open through the night to catch the cooler night air.

Thursday: Ended up closing the windows and turning the air on last night at 7pm not because it was too warm but severe thunderstorms were coming our way.

Spent $30 on fast food for dinner. :( It was a weak moment that I gave in to, and it was not worth it. I could buy a good deal of groceries for that amount. Lesson learned!


Debra said...

Hi Tracy! Regarding dishwashing liquid, you can always dilute it by adding water. When you buy a bottle, you can transfer half to another bottle, then fill each bottle full with water. It doesn't take much soap at all to wash dishes and it mixes with water, anyway, in the sink.

Oh, and for years I'd place just a bit of *laundry* soap liquid (types with the least amount of chemicals since my hands are sensitive, ones I'd get B1G1 plus I use a coupon)into an empty bottle of dishwashing liquid, then fill the rest with water. Or I'd just use a couple drops straight from the original laundry container. I didn't even buy dishwashing liquid for many years that way!

In the bathroom, for softsoap, I do the same, mix detergent and water, but use even less detergent and lots more water.

I found these hints whole decades ago and they've helped me save lots of money. Oh, and there's always coupons for the Palmolive which Dollar Tree sells so lately I've stocked up on those for just .50 cents and they'll last forever using these hints!

Hang in there and keep making saving money into a game so that it will remain a fun challenge and not a burden! I've been playing this game for 35 years and like the challenge. :) Blessings, Debra

Terri Cheney said...

I so dislike to have takeout or dinner out and it not be as good quality as I might make at home at three times the cost.

However, what you found a weak moment might well be a necessary thing just not the right place for you to indulge. Why not take 1/3 of that money and buy a ready prepared entree from the freezer section, or buy say a Chinese take out dish you all really enjoy and pop that in the freezer for one of those nights when you need a break? That's what I do. Or double up on one of those meals you really do like and freeze one? I am not cooking today or tomorrow. I'm just making salad, side and bread because I have some of those doubled up dishes thawing.

CTMOM said...

Sounds like some concerted efforts! Some other ideas: use a dish bin/basin and add a squirt of dish soap vs letting the faucet run. You'll conserve a lot of soap and water. Also: add some water to the dregs of dish soap, shampoo, liquid soap etc and you can stretch it further. I buy $ store bubble bath and use 50-50 or even more diluted depending upon the thickness of the liquid, and make my own soft soap for at the sinks. Often these are quart bottles that will last me months.

Nicole T said...

I will be using the sliver of soap for hand soap idea, thanks! Anytime we are tempted to go out to eat, I quickly remind myself how many meals I could make for that money and it instantly changes my mind!

Tracy said...

Thanks for the tips, ladies! :)

Fiona said...

Your weekly list is great Tracy - very inspiring. Every little bit counts and it's so satisfying. I turn all bottles upside down too. With lotion type products like handcream and conditioner, I cut open the bottle or tube too and there is usually a shockingly large amount still there, even though none is coming out. I scoop it out with my finger and top up the next bottle. With my last bit of soap I stick it to the new soap. It sticks on overnight and then stays there fine. I love not wasting anything!