Thursday, January 02, 2014

Why I Am Fond of Minimalism

Over the last several months I have been reading a lot about the minimalist lifestyle, tiny houses, and staging a home to sell (though we are not moving!). I will probably never be considered a radical minimalist, but I am quite fond of the notion. Here's why:

I am not overly sentimental about things now as I was when I was younger.

I like clean lines and open spaces.

I think it looks rather luxurious.

Clutter drives me crazy!

I love simple. Simple is good!

Less upkeep and maintenance.

With wanting/needling less, you spend less.

Less stress.

Less work.

More freedom.

Sounds like a win/win to me! Have you ever considered becoming a minimalist? Why or why not?


♥ Tina said...

I love the idea of it, but I am so sentimental and keep everything my kids have made or given me over the years. :) I would love to have a super-tidy and organised home, and I am hoping to de-clutter some more in 2014. xx

Tammy said...

I like the thought of minimalism when all the rooms in a home are neat and clean and there's plenty of room for the kids to play. However, I also think a family's personality should be reflected, and if too minimal, a home, to me, lacks warmth and welcome. It's a fine balance - one I struggle to find!

Cash Only Living said...

The interesting thing about staging your house to sell and minimizing your stuff is that when you get everything done, you no longer want to sell your house! Since you arent moving, minimalizing may make you love your house even more.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I consider it all the time.
But-- I don't know if I could stand the sterile LOOK of the environment. Seems stark and cold.
I like warm and cozy... nested...and settled in. Of course, what I have now... is driving me crazy--
So sterile may be what I get ANYWAY...along with a little white jacket and supervised bathroom visits!
I do love reading here!
You help me to gain a little focus...Pat

Theresa said...

It seems like a cold and sterile way of life and I could not live like that. I love the primitive country style and need my home to feel warm and cozy. I do not think that minimalism means that someone will necessarily be good with money or debt free. I think people mistakenly associate minimalism with not spending money. I think some minimalists spend gobs on sleek furniture to look the part.