Monday, January 06, 2014

Improving My Quality of Life

I look at saving money while reducing expenses as improving my quality of life. 

I am not buying fast food or junk foods. I am spending our money on basic foods that are filling and tasty, therefore reducing the grocery budget and improving food quality. I am also using up leftovers reducing food waste, thus saving more money.

I am not buying unnecessary items to fill up our home. Instead, I am decluttering and simplifying our home to create a spacious, peaceful environment for myself and my family.

I am doing more of what I love: reading, blogging, journaling, watching movies, listening to music.

I am utilizing my creativity by asking myself these questions:
 ~ Can I make this for less?
 ~ Can I make a substitution?

I am realizing my needs are very few (basic food, shelter, clothing), and my wants are even fewer.

I am laughing more. 

I am less stressed. As we build a margin (savings) I feel my burden lighten with each deposit.

How have you improved your quality of life? Please share in the comments...


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Tracy,

I am new to following your blog. I love this post :-) & can certainly relate to the relief and peace that comes with paying off debt & building a savings.

Our most recent improvement was finally paying off Mr.B's farm truck 18 months early. We now have only mortgage debt & are working toward an early pay-off. We lived 11 years completely debt & mortgage free until a job transfer forced us to move. Although the sale of our previous home provided a very large down payment, it wasn't enough to purchase a home out right. (property costs are twice as expensive in our new area.)

Keep up the good work, it sounds like you and your family are on your way to a low stress, debt free lifestyle.


Cash Only Living said...

We have basically found the same thing: less stuff=less need for money=less need for work=more time for fun experiences that cost very little money.

Precious said...

Saving money always improves the quality of your life. Great post!

Terri Cheney said...

Once upon a time I told a friend I wanted to lead a more creative life...I had no idea that I was already living one! Today I do appreciate the creativity it takes to stretch things out, substitute and have it work better than the original, make do, etc. And it does appear I shall never be without reason to live creatively, lol.