Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Frugal Doings and Simplifying 2014

January 1st: I had to work, while Alfred was off. He cooked a turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, and black eye peas with a dime thrown in for good luck. 

I didn't do my Swagbucks. :(

Checked the filter on the central heat/air unit and it was clean still. This has never happened so I am a little confused by it! Keeping the heat below 70 degrees

Kept the sun room door closed and lights off when not in use. Also turned the computer off after using.

Alfred & I were in bed at 8:30pm.

January 2nd: It was pouring rain when I got up this morning, but I didn't work today. I love my days off where I can be free to do whatever I want, clean my house and cook.

Heat is off today as the house is pretty comfortable at 65 degrees, but it will be on tonight as it's going to drop to 28.

Had leftovers for lunch.

Met my Swagbucks goal for the day and a $5 Amazon gift card. I'm now at $36.75 in gift cards.

Added $2.48 to change jar from coins in my change purse and on our dressers.

Closed off the vent to the kids bathroom which is currently non-functioning due to plumbing issues. No need to heat the room when we don't use it. Placed a rug at the bottom of the door to prevent heat from going in/cold air from coming out.

Stayed home.

Washed one load of laundry in cold water, using minimal washing detergent.

Washed dished, made the bed, tidied master bedroom/bath, put away clean clothes, wiped down dining table, tidied desk, started my grocery list for this week, wrote a blog post, and cooked dinner.

January 3rd: Alfred paycheck was in the bank this morning via direct deposit so I paid some of the bills and transferred $25 into savings. I deposited my check into the bank when I got off work today.

I'm targeting CC#1 which now has a balance of $655.11 after I made a payment this morning. I want to wipe this one out as quickly as possible and before the projected August 2014 payoff.

Besides the regular bills, I spent $91.18 today.

January 4th: Though it is bitterly cold, I'm keeping the heat set at 68 degrees.

Filled my car up. Gas was $3.19/gallon but with my Winn-Dixie fuel perks I saved 36 cents/gallon or $2.83/gallon. My car was near empty and it cost me $36.71 to fill up.

Got the utility bill today. We shaved $83.07 off our bill from last month! I am very excited about this!!

January 5th: Off day for me!

It's been ages since I've done any shopping at CVS, but did so today. Spent $32.59 and got $8 ECB back for my next trip. I bought 2 ALL detergents, 2 boxes Cherrios, 2 Charmin Basic 12 ct. toilet paper, 1 adult gummy vitamin, 2 Hershey's bar, and a pack of M&M's for free. I used $5.25 in coupons and the receipt says I saved $26.03 or 47%.

Then we went to Winn-Dixie where I spent $36.21. Reward card savings were $10.88 and I had a coupon for $1.50, so I saved $12.38 in all. 

Overall, a good and restful day. 

January 6th: Earned a $5 Amazon gift card through Swagbucks. I'm now at $41.75 in gift cards.

My, it was bitterly cold today with a high of only 37 degrees and dropping below freezing tonight. We decided to bring our outside cat in. I stopped at the dollar store for cat litter and a $1 throwaway baking pan to use as a temporary litter box.

Dinner was chicken noodle soup and we spent the evening watching football on the couch with blankets covering our laps and legs with the dogs. 

The heat remains at 68 degrees though we've turned all the faucets on to a drip to prevent pipes from bursting. Public school has been cancelled for our area tomorrow as it will be even colder! It is so rare that we get this kind of weather. We (as a whole, in the South) are not adequately prepared for such frigid temps.

January 7th: Today is our son's birthday. Kendall is now 21 years old. My, how the years have flown! I made him a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and left the oven door open after baking.

I'm wearing a sweater over my clothes. The heat is still at 68 degrees.

I tracked our spending all week.

I stayed home today since I was off work.

That was my frugal week. How was yours?


~Carla~ said...

Love these posts!! I'm *trying* be extra frugal this month for my no spend challenge, but it's tough!!

It's -41f. here... Wanna come for a visit? ;) lol!! Praying that the temp climbs a bit soon as my girls would love to play in the snow! lol!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Tracy, my week has been frugal too but our heat has been on a lot. Our temps have been in the single digits.
I like CVS, if you look on slickdeals.net at the forums, you can see the future CVS ad and plan ahead for future deals.
You did great saving that big amount on your utility bill!
Happy birthday to Kendall, time flies doesn't it?

Precious said...

Hi Tracy,

In the bathroom be careful that your pipes don't freeze and burst.

You are doing great. I hope all is well with you since you haven't posted in a while. I bet you are just busy. :-)