Saturday, December 21, 2013

Moving Towards Simplicity

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While I will never be an extreme minimalist, I see the value of owning less. I have recently begun to ruthlessly rid our home of items that we neither need or use. 

Is my family on board? Not yet. I do not throw away or donate their belongings without their permission. I focus on the things that are under my control and my personal belongings.

Working seems to have been the catalyst for my desire to move toward a life of greater simplicity. I grew weary of spending my precious off days trying to catch up on housework. 

Granted, I will always have housework to do but somehow by lessening the clutter of unused items the housework doesn't seem quite so burdensome.

I do not need tons of stuff. Having just enough is plenty for me.

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Oh how I wish it were easier to get on board with this whole idea.
I'd love to in MY MIND...but where to start, that is my problem. I could say, getting the family on board would be hard, but that is me, justifying my own need to get on board. :/
Maybe you'll write some more on this and continue to show the way?
Merry Christmas Tracy!

- Pat