Monday, December 16, 2013

Living Well On a Small Budget

As I look over the budget and my money-saving goals for 2014, I realize things are going to be extremely tight as I focus on building savings and reducing debt.. However, I am choosing to look at it as a challenge rather than feeling deprived. 

I will putting my creativity to use in an effort to create a feeling of abundance and to give my family experiences and happy memories rather than things.

How, you ask?

~ Eat well. I can create meals as good as any restaurant for much less here in my own kitchen by eating fruits and vegetables in season, shopping sales paired with coupons, and having a small container garden. 

~ Dress well. I can find name-brand clothes in like-new condition at a fraction of the retail cost by shopping thrift stores. Why pay retail prices when you don't have to? 

~ Get fit. There will be no fancy gym memberships for me. Instead I plan to get out in the sunshine & fresh air to go walking, use body weight and dumbbells for strengthening, and yoga for greater flexibility.

~ Pampering. Having a small budget doesn't mean you have to neglect your appearance. I can do my own facials, mani/pedi at home. My husband gives great massages. I will only be replacing makeup, lotions, perfumes, and skin care items as mine as used up.

~ Go out and about. We live in a touristy area so there are always community events that are free to attend (hot air balloon shows, boat races, vintage car shows, art in the park, etc). Not to mention the beaches, nature trails, and state and city parks. I plan to take full advantage of these activities in the coming year.

My motto is: Have less. Do more!


Rhonda said...

you can do it!

Precious said...

I agree with Rhonda. You can do it! We are all going to be saving as much as we can this year.