Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Frugal Doings and Simplifying

Dec. 26th-31st:

~ Cut all the meat from the bone of our Christmas ham.

~ All leftovers from Christmas were eaten. 

~ Added $25 to savings.

~ Keeping the computer and printer off when not in use.

~ Turn outside lights off once everyone is home for the night. Only turn them on when we let the dogs out to potty.

~ Earned a $10 Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks.

~ Earned an Amazon gift card for $6.75 through SavingStar.com

~ Striving to cut back on such things as laundry soap and dish soap, using only the minimum needed.

~ No fast food or dinners out. All meals were eaten at home.

~ Very little purchased at the grocery store this week. We are eating from the freezer/pantry for as long as possible.

~ No food waste this week. All leftovers were eaten.

~ Gathered the family to discuss reducing expenses and how they can help, children included. Now the family is on board! 


Rhonda said...

you are on the right track! I think not eating out and cooking at home can be huge when it comes to stretching that money.

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

nice list.
I forget about the little things that you list...but I do many of them too, in order to say.
It used to bother me to put all that out there..for fear of what people would think. I'm over it now...It's a choice to be frugal.
There used to be such a stigma attached to it; but more and more people are on board. It is nice to have that community of like minded people. Glad your family is on the same page with you.
I enjoy reading your frugal doings list.
Happy New Year ~ Pat

Precious said...

Nice job!