Thursday, November 14, 2013

Frugal Doings

~ Filled up my car for $2.69/gallon using my 40 cents fuel perks I earned from Winn Dixie. Spent $34.76. 

~ Keeping the sunroom door closed to keep the cold air out of the house. My, is it cold in there!

~ With this cold snap, the heat is set on 68 degrees. It will warm back up tomorrow and last a few days before we get another cold snap.

~ Purchased five gifts for Christmas for less than $20.

~ I've been picking up inexpensive stocking stuffers here & there for the kids.

~ Went through my backlog of coupons, threw out the expired ones and organized the keepers into categories. Hopefully I can get back to saving more money on groceries!

What frugal things are you doing to save money?


Theresa F said...

October and November have been depressingly expensive months here. Just yesterday I had to buy my son shin guards for hockey. I "lucked out" and found a pair on sale for $75($85 with tax). I suppose it is good that I am frugal in most areas so that I can pay for these random things that pop up.

Love that gas prices are coming down. Here in my part of Ontario gas is down to $1.15 a litre which is the cheapest it has been in a long time. Almost makes going to the gas station enjoyable:)

I really enjoy your blog, it is so down to earth and real.

Terri Cheney said...

Just in from the grocery here...Not a sticker shocker as I culled my list down to absolutely don't have items. But last week I had to buy new shoes and this weekend we have a pre-planned visit to son and dil for twins birthday. Thanksgiving, anniversary, two more birthdays all before Christmas which I have TWO gifts bought...sigh.

Shelley said...

I'm updating my price book. The supermarket nearest me (less than a mile) is the generally the cheapest over all, but I'm finding they don't label things clearly (if at all) and sometimes they charge more than the stick price on the shelf. Those problems along with the total re-organisation they did earlier this year has caused me to look elsewhere. I've made a list of shops and how far they are from me. I know there are good deals about a mile away, spectacular deals 8 miles away, etc.

I plan to do some post-Christmas shopping (I dread it) to snap up some bargains on cards and the like, but otherwise plan to use up what we have in January.

I'm currently practicing sewing clothing by using fabric in clothes that would have been rags (I have enough rags!). I hope to use up other scraps people have given me by making gifts in preparation for NEXT Christmas.