Sunday, July 07, 2013


There is so much on my mind. So much I want to do. I'm still trying to balance work and homemaking, but feel I'm always behind in the latter.

I am at new phase in life. Ways of doing things in the past no longer work for me. I have spent a lot of time contemplating this stage of my life and reevaluating things. 

Morning hours will be my cleaning time. After work I will focus on preparing dinner and tasks that do not require standing such as list making and coupon clipping.

I find myself yearning for simplicity. Less is more. Clutter can not stay. I want streamlined surfaces and more space. I'll sell what I can and donate the rest. I've been researching home "staging" and observing photos, taking notes on ways to beautify and simplify our own home. 

Currently, my yard is in need of some mega doses of TLC. There are shrubs to trim, weeds to pull and trim, and various other little projects. I have two off days each week. I'm thinking one day needs to go to strictly working in the yard - weather permitting. The other will be for major purging and other projects indoors. 

The budget is still extremely tight. I'm tracking every cent spent in a notebook. I am looking for more ways to save money and make money, while reducing expenses. I will start looking for easy, low-cost recipes to stretch the food budget further and add variety to the meal rotation. 

I am determined to conquer these tough times. My goal is to have us completely debt-free (house included) by the time Alfred turns 50, giving me nine years to accomplish this goal (God-willing).  


Rosebud said...

Hi Tracy!
Oh yes, we hope soon we will be debt free. It is not easy when we still have 3 adult children and one little one still living at home. Our daughter is the only one that has a job at the moment, although my sons keep looking. When they get jobs I intend to have them contribute financially to the household. That means I'm babysitting all day.

I'm always looking up recipes (both food and cleaning) that I can make myself.
I do have a gang of picky eaters (the I hate beans type) that make frugal meals a challenge. My husband will eat anything, but he does prefer meat and potatoes.
I know you have some health issues, so don't overdue!

Kathy in Illinois said...

Tracy, good luck with your plans for your new phase in life. They sound like good ones.
God bless, Kathy in Illinois

countryhomeandhearth said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it! I to am at a stage in my life of balancing work and homemaking. I was an at home mom for 19 years and went back to work 3 years ago. It seems that the home does suffer when working. I have recently began the concept of really needing the home to feel cozy again. You can follow my blog at


becky said...

Thinking of you as you transition to this new stage. I have worked from home and outside the home. Neither are easy. It gets old, really fast especially if you are a homemaker at heart. My 3 are grown and married and I work 12 hours a week now.I am hoping to retire completely and be at home and let hubby deal with the outside pressures. :) take care-Becky